When sanding a refinishing your floors, be sure to take in consideration the dust factor. Ask your  hardwood flooring refinisher, as if they use a dustless sanding system and whether they charge you extra for using it or not. Our company uses a Dustless Sanding System which eliminates 98% of the dust normally made from sanding and refinishing your floors at no extra charge.

          Before deciding to refinish your floors entirely, see if there is a lower cost and faster way of giving your floors that new shine.  You may be able to buff and recoat your floors in as little as one day and pay a fraction of the cost of sanding and refinishing it entirely.  Visit our Recoat and Reseal page for more information.

          There who need their floors refinished completely because of deep scratches and wear or they would like a floor color changed, there are a few questions customers typically ask:

How long does it take? For a basic 500 sq ft square room ready to be refinished using 3 coats of water based finish, the job should take two days.  If using an oil based finish it should take three days.

When is it safe to put furniture back? If you use a water based finish, furniture can be moved back in 24-48 hours after the floors have had their final coat (be sure not to drag/push any furniture though).  If you use an oil based finish, we ask that you wait at least three days for the floors to properly dry.

When can I put my rugs back? It is essential that area rugs and runners are not put down for 7 days after the floors have been finished.  The finish needs to have air flow to cure properly and by putting a rug down, you risk the floors turning to putty and sticking to your rug if you put them down sooner.