There are many types of hardwood floors available. Solid hardwood is generally what most people imagine. Actually, there are other options to consider. With these options there are also many varieties of species. This guide will help start you on the process of considering the options. Your Wood Floors By Design specialist will help you choose based upon your space and lifestyle.

Engineered vs Solid Hardwood Flooring

The first thing you will want to consider is, engineered or solid hardwood flooring. Both options add value to your home and come in a variety of species, stains and styles. Engineered hardwood flooring has three layers. The top and bottom layers are 100% solid wood, while the middle consists of 5-7 layers of plywood. This style of flooring is very stable and less likely to expand due to moisture and temperature. This option typically does not allow you to sand and refinish, but is more versatile.

Solid hardwood is 100% wood. They are timeless, durable and reliable. You will want to consider the environment, and avoid areas with high moisture. This type of flooring allows you to sand and refinish multiple times. You have many more design options with this choice.

Engineered flooring is usually the cheaper option. Solid hardwood, however is defiantly worth the investment. Learn more here, about Engineered vs Solid Hardwood Flooring.

Prefinished vs. Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

If you decide to go with solid hardwood flooring, you need to decide on prefinished or unfinished. Prefinished simply means that the wood comes finished from the factory. With unfinished hardwood flooring, your installer will finish the wood after instillation. Prefinished allows you to avoid the fumes and reduces instillation time, however it does come with it’s disadvantages. They can vary in height, have beveled edges that catch dirt, and future repair is limited or expensive. Unifinished flooring means your floors will have a flawless and smooth look. Your Wood Floors By Design installation specialist can discuss with you low dust & fume eco-friendly options. Learn more here, about Prefinished vs Unfinished Hardwood Flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Hardness

Many homeowners look to install hard, durable flooring in the home. There are many species of hardwood flooring. One way to gauge a wood’s hardness is using the Janka Scale. The Janka Scale helps us to divide them into two categories, ‘soft’ and ‘hard’. Soft wood can be more susceptible to dents, dings and imperfections. Many homeowners fall in love with the rustic-charm and low-cost of softwoods. Hardwoods are beautiful and provide considerable value to your home. Homeowners agree that the price is well worth the investment. Learn more here, about Hardwood Flooring Hardness.

Your Wood Floors By Design specialist can help you understand all options available. Call or email today, consultation and advice is free!

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