Is wood floor harness an important factor for you? Not sure what wood flooring hardness you need for your next instillation? Keep reading.

There are many types of solid hardwood floors available. You want to take floor hardness into consideration, but it’s important to choose a wood that you love first. We understand that Hardwood floors are a big investment. Here are some things to know when choosing your hardwood floors. 

The Janka Scale

If you are looking for hardwood floors that are durable to life’s demands, it’s time to learn about the Janka scale. The Janka test measures wood hardness, by embedding a 0.444″ steel ball into wood half it’s diameter. The amount of force in pounds is the number indicated on the scale. The higher the number, the harder the wood. The lower the number, the softer the wood. The hardest hardwood flooring on the Janka scale requires 4,380 pounds of force to embed the steel ball. The softest only requires 350 pounds.

Softwood Flooring

Pine 1570, Bamboo 1380, Cedar 900, Fir 660, and Cypress 570, are all common examples of softwood. While softwood flooring is ideal for a low-traffic room, don’t let the word ‘soft’ discourage you. Wood is wood. All wood is hard. Choosing ‘softer’ hardwood flooring simply means it is more susceptible to dents, dings and imperfections. Many homeowners purposely distress new floors to achieve an older feel. Keep in mind… if you properly stain and seal soft hardwood floors they are likely to sand up fairly well.

No matter which softwood you choose, it is likely to cost less than harder wood varieties. Also, keep in mind that quick growing woods such as bamboo are more eco-friendly. You may find that the rustic-charm and low-cost of softwoods are perfect for your space and wallet!

Hardwood Flooring

Cumaru 3540, Brazilian Walnut 3684 and Brazilian Cherry 2350 are all common examples of strong durable hardwood. Hardwood floors are beautiful and add considerable value to your home. While it will cost more, the benefits out weight the price hands down. These harder woods are going to better withstand higher traffic areas such as kitchens, hallways, and homes with children.

Solid hardwood floors are the hardest of the wood flooring options available. Keep in mind that softer laminate and engineered flooring are available options as well. Read more about the different Types of Hardwood Flooring or talk with a Wood Floors By Design specialist. Your local wood flooring specialist can help you determine which floor hardness is a good fit for you.

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